Below is our application process, currently we are NOT accepting new applications. You can fill out and submit the pre-application form below and we will keep it on file until our application process becomes available.

Habitat for Humanity of Kenosha builds homes in partnership with qualifying partner families and the community, and then sells the homes at no profit with zero percent interest mortgages to partnering families. Kenosha Habitat also prepares partner families to be successful homeowners.

There are 3 major requirements that all Habitat Applicant Families must fulfill:

  1. Need for Housing: We work with families who for one reason or another cannot obtain a typical loan for a variety of reasons.
  2. Ability to Pay: Since Habitat homes are sold, not given away, we need to make sure families will be able to afford the homes.
  3. Willingness to Partner with Habitat: We don’t just build homes, we build homeowners. We will continue to work with you to ensure that you maintain your home.
    The following steps describe the process of becoming a Habitat Homeowner:

Complete Application

Download and complete the application below. Before submitting the completed application, be sure to make a copy for yourself.  If you are not chosen this time, you may be eligible to apply for the next house.  After submission, staff will pull civil/criminal records and obtain your credit report.  This step takes about 1 month.

Application Interview

After your application is submitted, staff will pull civil/criminal records and obtain your credit report. Staff will request references and documentation from you (e.g., tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements) for review.  You will then be invited for a one-hour, in-office interview.  This step takes about 1 month.

Home Interview

Habitat representatives will visit your home to meet your family, tour your current residence, and review your family budget.  This step takes about 1 month.

Board of Directors’ Approval

After completing an orientation session, your application will be presented to the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors for final approval.  This step takes about 1.5 months.

Approved families then move on to complete the 250 hours (single adult) or 400 hours (2 or more adults) of sweat equity on their own home and the home of fellow Habitat homeowners and other projects. Construction times vary on each home, but closing and move in is generally within a year of a family’s approval.  As the house nears completion, we’ll celebrate with a dedication for the sponsors, volunteers, and the family.